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MYLE was established to offer the 1 billion smokers around the world a true, permanent alternative to combustible cigarettes. Our research has shown numerous adults are looking for this alternative and many have already found it in MYLE. Our goal is to continue introducing our products to adult smokers and abolish combustible cigarettes. An essential part of our company’s mission is to stop the illegal sale of our products to youth. To achieve this, MYLE:

  • Has established an internal compliance program to monitor retail staff’s compliance with applicable minimum age laws.
  • Employs ID and age verification procedures to ensure our customers are of legal age.
  • Is committed to tackling the persistent problem of underage usage of certain products. MYLE is taking many steps to ensure this and is continuously working on new means to address the matter more efficiently. Our team gladly welcomes lawmakers, regulators and advocacy groups who may oppose our products to converse with us.
  • Is committed to working with local communities to educate consumers regarding the use of the MYLE products and combat use by underage youth.
  • Is committed to responsibly educating consumers regarding the use of products such as MYLE products as alternatives to cigarettes.
  • Is committed to working with educators to ensure that youth are provided with necessary education to make informed decisions regarding our products and the effect of nicotine on our youth.
  • Is committed to working with law enforcement to help educate local communities regarding steps they may take to combat the proliferation of fictitious identification cards by our youth.

Reach us at if you have any knowledge of possible illegal sales of our products. We will cooperate with law enforcement to investigate such incidents and discover better methods to prevent them.

MYLE’s executive team and board of directors offer their full commitment and highest priority to this effort.

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You must be at least 21 years old to purchase products on

Your age will be verified through signature confirmation upon delivery of all MYLE orders.
This process will verify your address, age and identity via review of our in-house experts.

It is illegal to sell or resell our products to minors. For more information on MYLE products, contact our team.


Also, please note that this entire website contains information on products which are intended for use of adults only 21 years of age or older. If you are under the age of 21 please exit this site now by clicking the "I AM NOT 21+ YEARS OLD” button above. By clicking the "I AM 21+ YEARS OLD" button above, you represent and agree that: · (i) you are at least 21 years of age; · (ii) you are of legal age in your area to purchase tobacco-related or smokeless vaporizer or electronic cigarette products; · (iii) you will not expose the contents of, information contained in or products purchased from this website to minors; · (iv) you understand that the laws and regulations governing smokeless products is still developing and you understand the laws and regulations including any prohibition on use in the region in which you plan on utilizing any Myle products you ultimately purchase; · (v) you are wholly liable for any legal ramifications that may arise from your purchasing products from this website or sharing any of the information contained in this website or products purchased from this website with minors; and · (vi) you will subject yourself to the jurisdiction of the State of New York should any dispute arise between yourself and Myle Vape Inc or the operators of the website on behalf of Myle Vape Inc.

WARNING: These products contain nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
 For more information please see